Kickass Technology Innovations for Your Business.


Internet of Things

Bridge the gap between the physical & digital worlds to improve the quality and productivity of life, society and industry.

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IT Network

IT Consulting

Strategy, Design and Implementation of Computers and Network for you company. Digital transformation from legacy, inefficient systems to efficient, effective and modern cloud + in-house systems.

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Building Information Modelling

Build a Digital twin of your building before construction. Do value engineering during design phase when cost of changes are lower. Avoid expensive mistakes during construction by validating design in a virtual environment.

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IoT. Smart Grid for your Business.

Think connectivity beyond Laptops and Smartphones. Today (according to Gartner Report) 20 billion devices have joined the IoT. By 2025 about 1 trillion devices will get connected - is your business ready to take the plunge!

Jumpstart Your IoT.

Industrial Internet of Things

IT. Strategy, Design and Implementation.

Information Technology is an integral and strategic element of all businesses today. It is at the foundation of almost every business function in the organization. Those functions are enhanced, driven by, or enabled by technology. I constantly engage and evaluate emerging technologies and trends that may affect effectiveness and performance.

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BIM. Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Building Information Modelling brings higher value for Building owners, create new markets for building products and equipment manufacturers, Architects and Designers can convey their Ideas effectively, Contractors can control time, quality and cost efficiently.

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Rajarshi Das

About Me

I am a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast since childhood. I built mechanical tools, electronic gadgets like analog amplifiers and digital clocks during school days. In college I was hooked to computers and open-source technologies like Linux, Python programming etc. Me along with a few friends built our first college intranet & webserver. At work I have had the pleasure (and pain) of implementing IT infrastructure and enabled organizations in their digital transformation journey.

I am an Architect by education.